DIY Clay Heart Bracelet

With Valentine’s Day just moments away we have been using the opportunity to create a DIY Clay Heart Bracelet. It is hard to believe that this beautiful gift is made just from household items. DIY clay is incredibly easy to make. Simply pour 1 cup of corn starch into a bowl and slowly add the entire […]

Snowman Handprint Hat

Winter is our favorite time of year for easy holiday crafts for kids at Crayon Box Chronicles. Today’s simple snowman handprint hat is lots of fun and adds a little jingle to your holiday cheer. You’ll need the following materials: Construction paper—red, black, white, orange Buttons Yarn Google eyes Jingle bells Mason jar lids or cans Scissors Glue Pencil Stapler or […]

Easy Christmas Craft- Woven Ornament

  We all probably remember weaving place mats when we are around preschool age.  Our parents or teachers knew it was a great fine motor skill activity. They may also have done it because they remembered doing it when they were little. This easy Christmas craft uses the same skills to create a woven ornament. […]

Integrating Science, Reading and Art

When learning with little ones it is important to get the most out of every teaching opportunity.  The best way to engage your little learners while getting the “biggest bang for your instructional buck” is to integrate multiple skills into one lesson or activity. I do this each week during my thematic units by integrating my themes in […]

Free painting color cube printable

This is a fun way to invite young children to not only paint, but to stop and think about each color of paint they use during the process. To learn more about how we used our color cubes for painting you can hop over to Teach Preschool… For a free downloadable copy of the color […]