Valentine’s Laced Hearts: Fine Motor Skills Craft for Kids

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it feels like we have been “heart attacked” (hearts magically appearing everywhere) by our own doing.

Candy Cane Salt Writing Tray

Candy Canes are among the most popular sweets enjoyed at Christmas. The peppermint flavored sugar sweet is traditionally white with red strips. Candy Canes are also the perfect shape and size to use as a writing tool. We were inspired by the smell, colors and shape of the Candy Cane to create our own Candy […]

Snowman Handprint Hat

Winter is our favorite time of year for easy holiday crafts for kids at Crayon Box Chronicles. Today’s simple snowman handprint hat is lots of fun and adds a little jingle to your holiday cheer. You’ll need the following materials: Construction paper—red, black, white, orange Buttons Yarn Google eyes Jingle bells Mason jar lids or cans Scissors Glue Pencil Stapler or […]

Harvest Play Dough

Is there anything better than the sights and smells of Fall? It’s such an exciting time of change — the leaves turn, the weather gets cooler, and our lattes all turn to pumpkin spice! Bring the harvest indoors in your classroom with this Fall Play Dough.We love to scent our play dough to add another […]

Thanksgiving Craft- Indian Corn Napkin Holder

Whether children create this Thanksgiving craft for home or school, they will love having their Indian corn napkin holders decorate their Thanksgiving table. There is something special about making a craft you can display on a holiday table for all to see.  These Indian Corn napkin holders could be used on the table as true […]

Gluten Free Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are great for building fine motor, math, science, and language skills. However, some items used in sensory bins may contain gluten.  My daughter has Celiac Disease, so she cannot eat wheat, oats, or barley.  When she was in school, we had to modify what she could play with in this center because it would […]

5 Little Pumpkins Play Dough Mats

Free 5 Little Pumpkins Play Dough Counting Mats you can use this free set of 5 Little Pumpkins counting mats in your play dough center. Directions for using the 5 Little Pumpkins play dough counting mats Just print one mat for each child and laminate. Provide the children with orange play dough to use as […]