Integrating Literacy and Math in Preschool

As preschool teachers, we are very deliberate about what we teach and how we do it. We make choices that are best for our students, implementing best practices. While methods sometimes conflict, there is one thing all preschool teachers can agree on when it comes to literacy and math…integration is a really good thing! Today […]

I Can Give Predictable Chart – A Christmas Literacy Activity

With all the excitement of receiving gifts this season, I wanted to create a literacy activity for my preschoolers that would take the focus from getting gifts to giving gifts. I did this by doing an “I Can Give…” predictable chart. It is just the Christmas literacy activity to teach the children not only about […]

Candy Cane Salt Writing Tray

Candy Canes are among the most popular sweets enjoyed at Christmas. The peppermint flavored sugar sweet is traditionally white with red strips. Candy Canes are also the perfect shape and size to use as a writing tool. We were inspired by the smell, colors and shape of the Candy Cane to create our own Candy […]

How To Use A Magnifying Glass To Teach Letters

Have you ever sat down and wondered how you can help your preschooler learn the letters of the alphabet in a more fun and hands-on way? Sure there are preschool printable worksheets,¬†play dough mats and more but when it comes to kids and learning, sometimes simple is best. If you have a preschooler who is […]

Thanksgiving Literacy Chart

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, so I like to spend the whole month of November teaching my preschoolers about gratitude. This Thanksgiving literacy activity does just that, and it is really low prep, too! Predictable charts are a great way to incorporate literacy into the preschool classroom. They give preschoolers authentic experiences […]

Environmental Print Pocket Chart Activity

This is a free printable pocket chart activity featuring environmental print. Just print the pdf file below, laminate, cut and place the sentences in a pocket chart. Place some cute pointers next to your pocket chart for extra fun! Click here to download your free Environmental Print Pocket Chart Activity

Bottle Cap Alphabet

There are many benefits of using recycled items in the classroom. This bottle cap activity will help young children develop visual discrimination skills as they match bottle caps to the correct letter. To prepare, collect 26 water bottle caps and write one letter on each cap with a permanent marker. Next, print out the alphabet […]

Favorite Authors Printable Book Bin Labels

Not long ago, over at Pre-K Pages I shared a set of free, printable thematic book bin labels. These labels got me thinking about how important it is to also teach our children about the authors of the books we read to them. Every time a story is read to a child or a class […]

5 Green Speckled Frogs Pocket Chart

Here is a free printable pocket chart I created for the traditional rhyme, Five Green and Speckled Frogs. All you need to do is print, laminate, and cut, and then place your pieces in a pocket chart. Enjoy! To download this free printable, click the link below: Five Green Speckled Frogs: Pocket Chart If you […]