DIY Clay Heart Bracelet

With Valentine’s Day just moments away we have been using the opportunity to create a DIY Clay Heart Bracelet. It is hard to believe that this beautiful gift is made just from household items.

DIY Clay Heart Bracelet

DIY clay is incredibly easy to make. Simply pour 1 cup of corn starch into a bowl and slowly add the entire 118ml bottle of glue. Make sure you stir the ingredients together continuously. We couldn’t resist using our appropriately themed heart shaped bowl. It took some stirring and then kneading before I had a substance similar to ready-roll icing.

How to make valentine clay

I rolled the DIY clay out flat on to baking paper. Using a plastic heart cookie cutter I created five small hearts. I removed the remaining clay. There is plenty more for other craft projects.

DIY Clay hearts

I placed the five hearts onto a heart shaped plate which I had covered in baking paper. I then used a plastic needle and made two holes in each heart. The clay hearts were left overnight to dry. The best thing about DIY clay is that an oven or microwave is not needed.

Painted homemade clay hearts

The next day I used red acrylic paint to cover each heart. I used a small paintbrush to ensure that the paint covered inside each hole. Each heart required two coats of paint. Once the paint had dried I found a thin piece of black ribbon and threaded it through a needle.

Threading clay hearts

I then used the needle to thread the ribbon through each of the five hearts. Finally I made a knot in the thread to complete the clay heart bracelet.

DIY Valentine bracelet

The number of hearts required on the bracelet depends on who the gift is for. A younger child will require less hearts whereas an older child or adult may require more hearts. What a wonderful gift to give or to receive on Valentine’s Day.

Clay Heart Bracelet

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  1. Sweet bracelet. If my granddaughter was just a year or two older I know she would love to make it. So I am going to save this idea for a grandma/granddaughter date idea.