Field Trip Recording Sheets

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher these recording sheets will come in handy when taking little ones on trips to the fire station, pumpkin patch, farm, or aquarium. They can be used during the visit, in the car or on the bus, or afterwards. These activities provide young children with practice paying attention to details, recalling events, and vocabulary development. No reading is necessary, picture cues provided for non-readers.

Field Trip Recording Sheets vol. 1 {8 pages} $2
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Let me know what places you would like to see added to vol. 2 in the comments below.


  1. Tina says:

    we always go to the library, the grocery store and the recycle center in our town. i think it’s important for the kiddos to know about places in the community in which they live. PLUS…….they’re free trips, which is necessary in these lean-budget times!