Listening to Sounds Activity

Listening to Sounds Activity

I had these musical instruments in my science center when we were learning about sound and the children loved them. I was looking for a way to engage the children with the instruments and encourage them to listen to the sound each one made so I created this recording sheet. Keep reading to get your copy.

The triangle, castanets, xylophone (not pictured), and maracas above were purchased in the Target Dollar Spot. The jingle bells and Chinese drum are from US Toy.

Start by introducing all the instruments to the children and allowing them to play each one so they can become familiar with the sounds they make. You can use the recording sheet two ways, in a group setting or the children can use it in pairs for independent practice.

To use in a group setting give each child in the group a recording sheet. You can laminate the sheets and the children can use Vis-a-Vis markers (wipe off) to record their responses or you can just print them on paper and the children can use pencils, crayons, or markers. Next, have the children close their eyes and listen while you play an instrument. When they open their eyes, have them mark the instrument they heard on their sheet. They can circle the instrument or cross it off with an “x.” Ask them to tell you what instrument they thought they heard and why. Play the instrument again to help those who guessed incorrectly.

To allow for independent practice place some recording sheets and clipboards next to the instruments in your science center along with some writing tools. To play, two children sit back to back. One child plays an instrument while the other child listens and records what he or she hears. They can stop after each instrument is played to check for accuracy.

I included both a black and white copy as well as a color copy for you so you can use the one that best meets your needs.

Click on the picture below to download your free Listening to Sounds printable.

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  1. love this idea. I love using musical instruments, but never had any idea of how to extend their use other than in whole group. Thanks for this excellent idea!

  2. Sherry Topper says:

    love the music sounds this will be a good activity for my pre-ks