5 Little Pumpkins Play Dough Mats

Free 5 Little Pumpkins Play Dough Counting Mats you can use this free set of 5 Little Pumpkins counting mats in your play dough center. Directions for using the 5 Little Pumpkins play dough counting mats Just print one mat for each child and laminate. Provide the children with orange play dough to use as […]

Little Miss Muffet Path Game

Nursery rhymes are a valuable teaching tool and are most often used to support literacy skills. But did you know that nursery rhymes can also be used to teach science and math? Today I’m sharing a very simple, yet powerful math game that I adapted for the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet. To play the […]

Counting Cookie Mats

These free, printable cookie jar mats will provide your students with a fun way to develop number sense and fine motor skills. Just print the number cards and one mat for each child in your small group and laminate. Cut the cards apart and place in the middle of the table. The children will draw […]