Thanksgiving Craft- Indian Corn Napkin Holder

Thanksgiving Craft- Indian Corn Napkin Holder

Whether children create this Thanksgiving craft for home or school, they will love having their Indian corn napkin holders decorate their Thanksgiving table. There is something special about making a craft you can display on a holiday table for all to see.  These Indian Corn napkin holders could be used on the table as true holders of napkins. They could also be used in a display of several napkin holders with napkins stalks placed on their sides in a basket as fun centerpiece.

Here is how to put this Thankgiving Craft together:

Thanksgiving Craft- Indian Corn Napkin Holder


  • Cardboard tubes that are 4 inches long
  • Construction paper dots in various fall colors
  • Glue sticks
  • Yellow or gold paper napkins

Crafting Process

Adding Dots

Children are invited to glue dots all over their cardboard tube.  We glued rings of circles around the top, bottom, and center of the tube first. Then we layered dots in-between the circles on rings.  The idea was to have the circles looked layered. Randomly added dots will look great too.

The goal is to completely cover the cardboard tube in dots. If there are a few spots left uncovered, that will be fine too. The brown color of the tube will blend in with the colors used for the dots.

Gluing Tip: Placing glue on the back of a dot and where the dot will be going on the tube really helps it stick.  The edges of the circles tended to not curl up when we double glued.

Thanksgiving Craft- Indian Corn Napkin Holder

Adding the Napkin Stalk

When the glue on our Thanksgiving craft Indian corn napkin holders had dried, it was time to put the napkin in place.  We placed the corner of the napkin near the crease that didn’t open into layers in the tube. Then we pulled open some of the layers. That made the napkin look like the husk of the corn.

Napkin Tip: You could have your children use variety different color napkins. Some children could have gold napkins. Other children could have different shades of yellow and brown. The various colors would really brighten up your table.

Thanksgiving Craft- Indian Corn Napkin Holder

What fun your children will have celebrating Thanksgiving with their very one Thanksgiving craft on the table!

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