Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game

Are you looking for a way to keep your little ones occupied on Thanksgiving? Then take a look at our Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game. It is easy to set up, straightforward to play and lots of fun for children (and adults) of all ages.

Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game for Preschool

How to make Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game

You will need:

  • 10 paper plates
  • Craft foam hand shapes in different colors. You could always cut out feather shapes from colored card
  • Brown, red and orange card
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue and Glu Dots (optional)

To make our super-sized Thanksgiving memory game I took 10 paper plates and decorated them with five different pairs of Thanksgiving Turkey’s. I made sure that each turkey pair looked the same.

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey memory game

I used craft foam hand shapes and cut the fingers off to create the turkey feathers. These were attached to the paper plate using Glu Dots. I chose Glu Dots instead of glue was so that I could remove and change the feathers around after a game if I needed to. This would ensure that the game could be different every time and adapted as my son developed confidence.

Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey game

The turkey body and head was made out of two circles of brown cardstock. Again I used Glu Dots to secure them on top of the feathers. I cut out a beak from orange cardstock and its wattle (the red dangling body part under a turkey’s neck) from red cardstock and glued these in place. Finally I glued two googly eyes onto each turkey. I created a yellow, blue, red, green and multi-colored Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game

We created 10 thanksgiving turkeys but how many you make depends on how challenging you want the game to be.

How to play Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game

We placed the 10 paper plates face down on the floor in rows.

Thanksgiving memory game

The game is played like any other memory game. You turn over two plates at a time to see if the thanksgiving turkey’s match. If they don’t, you return them and continue with another two plates. If they match you leave those two plates facing up.

Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey memory game

Adam thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. As soon as we had finished he would ask to play it again – over and over again. Whilst playing he was developing many skills such as matching, memory, color and pattern recognition. The game encouraged observational skills and social skills including turn taking.

Our Thanksgiving Turkey Memory Game could easily be adapted, especially as we secured the pieces down with Glu Dots. More complex turkey feather combinations could be created to make the game harder and

Take a look how we incorporated the same game concept whilst learning about different types of textures in our Texture Memory Game.

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  1. What a fun game, I can’t wait to play it with my kids!